Alaskan Catholic Population:

  • 136,000 square miles (twice the size of Texas)
  • 33,000 Catholics
  • 4.2 Catholics per square mile
  • 29 parishes/missions
  • 21 in remote areas
  • 10 Archdiocesan priests, 11 temporary and ordered priests
  • 8 priests short
  • The Saint Paul Mission is unofficially the largest mission in the world


  • Roads: No roads to connect some 30 villages in the Mission.
  • Airplanes: Villages rely on airplanes for food, supplies, ministry.
  • Geography: Catholics live far apart.
  • If Alaska was cut in half, Texas would be the third largest state!
  • Anchorage to Dillingham is 350 miles.
  • Anchorage to Dutch Harbor mission 796 miles.
  • Dillingham to King Salmon 62 miles.
  • Between villages: no roads, no telephone poles, no stores; only tundra/mountains/lakes/rivers
  • Weather: Weather is unpredictable, severe, -30, gale winds, ice, snow, freezing rain.
  • Culture: Yupik Eskimo, some Hispanic, Filipino, and Caucasian.
  • Mass Frequency: Sometime never, sometime once a year, sometime once a month.


  • $1,300 every visit, i.e. Anchorage-Dillingham-King Salmon Round Trip (commercial)
  • $1,000 Round Trip to Dutch Harbor, Alaska (commercial)
  • $15,000 per year to budget Airplane for priest pilot.
  • Aviation 100LL Fuel, approximately $7.00/Gallon.
  • Annual Maintenance Inspection, approximately $3,000
  • Travel is approximately half the cost if I fly myself in the Cherokee Warrior II.


  1. Airplane Fuel for travel to remote villages.
  2. Airplane maintenance: oil changes, annual inspections, unscheduled maintenance, parts.
  3. Electricity for plugging in the airplane engine blanket during the winter.
  4. Parking at the Dillingham Airport and other transitional parking when traveling.
  5. Airplane insurance.

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We are mainly volunteer parishioneers and serve many communities. Areas where funds are needed:

  • Aircraft fuel
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Church Building, Dillingham (roofing, flooring, handicapped access ramp, and paint)
  • A new church needed in Clarks's Point, (the old church built in the 70s is dangerous.)